Thursday, March 10, 2011

Patch Notes v.0.1.33

Patch Notes v.0.1.33

St. Pat's Pot O'Gold Event (3/11~3/20)
Receive a gift box and Lucky Stars everyday just for logging into the game.
Collect enough Lucky Stars by the end of the event to receive St. Patrick's Balloon(10 Stars) and St. Patrick's Hat(15 Stars).

Special Event Monster Kill Count Boxes(300/500/700/1000): Receive up to 15 Gada coins or 50 Gold from each box.
- Point Transfer Gift Box Event ends 3/11

Item Mall
- Enchantment Insurance Scrolls and Reinforcement Enchantment Insurance Scrolls are now account bound.
- Soulcraft Stone Gasha Box added
Random chance to receive one of the following items:

1x Aram's Eye Recipe
1x Artifact Soulcraft Stone
1x Special Soulcraft Stone
1x Advanced Soulcraft Stone
2x Regular Soulcraft Stone
3x Enchant Insurance Scroll
2x Reinforced Enchant Insurance Scroll
2x Soulcraft Randomizer
1x Soulcraft Extractor
10x Regular Megaphone
7x Reinforced Megaphone
300x Soul
5x Teleport Card
5x Crow Feather
10x Safety Foam

10 Boxes: 500 Points
20 Boxes: 900 Points

- Items of the Week Sale

Wall BookShelf: 300 Points
Expert Skill Reset: 475 Points
Vault Expansion (30 Days): 80 Points

- In-Game Text adjustments
- Quest Text adjustments

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