Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Pat's Pot O' Gold Event

St. Pat’s Pot O’ Gold Event
St. Pat’s Pot O’ Gold Event

The blessings of St. Pat brings the Luck of the Irish to everyone in the world of Dragon Saga. Each Day, during the 10 day event period, Heroes will receive a gift box with as much as 50 gold, and some Lucky Stars just for logging into the game! Collect enough Lucky Stars by end of the event and receive your very own St. Patrick’s Day Balloon and/or St. Patrick’s Day Hat. So the more you log in, the more stars you get, and the better your chances of scoring a Balloon and Hat!

But that's not all, Monster Kill Count Chest(300/500/700/1000 Kill count) are also receiving a boost during the event period, giving a chance at even MORE Gada Coins or more gold!

Event details:
All characters, level 20+, will receive a gift box containing the following items, once a day, during the event period:

1. One of the following:
-Rainbow Red Money Pack
-Rainbow Orange Money Pack
-Rainbow Yellow Money Pack
-Rainbow Green Money Pack
-Rainbow Blue Money Pack
-Rainbow Indigo Money Pack
-Rainbow Purple Money Pack
-Small Gold Pouch
-Medium Gold Pouch
-Large Gold Pouch
-Jack’s Bean

2. Between (1) to (3) Lucky Stars

Event chest(300/500/700/1000 Kill count): Random Gift Box
Random Gift Box contains one of the follow:

Gada Coin (3)
Gada Coin (5)
Gada Coin (7)
Gada Coin (10)
Gada Coin (15)
Small Gold Pouch (1)
Medium Gold Pouch (1)
Large Gold Pouch (1)

Begins: 3/11/2011
Ends: 3/20/2011

Happy Saint Pat's Day!

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