Saturday, December 11, 2010

20% Bonus for WP to Dragon Saga Points

This is what Hastur says :

Starting at 5pm PST today (12/9) until 12/16 6pm PST, all point conversions of WarpPortal points to Dragon Saga points will earn an EXTRA 20% bonus point when converting!

Now because our newsletter did say we would be beginning this point bonus on December 6th, so we will be honoring all purchases made since 12:01am PST the morning of the 6th and manually giving them the 20% more points! if you are one of these people please contact Hastur on the forums with your 

Warpportal account, 
amount of WP points purchased
date/time you purchased points 

and he will be getting you your bonus points within 1~2 business days. 


  1. hahaha refreshing it gives u guys one more page view oh and btw Mine says Failed to log in to the server any way to fix i tried everyday

  2. Um, if it was on Thursday, that means the server is on maintenance. Because that's the only time why it should say that. Other than that, I'm not sure. I think you should ask Katsugankz(Akihiro), or Hastur.