Friday, December 17, 2010

Dragon Saga Merry Christmas Event

Christmas Balloon Event

By equipping the balloons and joining a party with other users that also have the balloon equipped. When the party spells out the special words or letter combination's, they will be given party buffs. Party up with your friends and locate the special words and combination's for special party buffs!

How to obtain the balloons

* Users are given event Gacha boxes that give a random letter/number ballon. The Gacha boxes can be obtained from the treasure chest given from kill count bonuses.
* Users also can obtain some of the event balloons by completing special repeatable quests given by Gato (Event NPC) in town.

There are 62 different letter combination's that yield a party buff, with so many options try and find all 62 Different combination's and post your results!

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