Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas EXP Event

Warpportal Moderator Calanor says:

The production staff for Dragon Saga and the Gravity Interactive family wants to wish the Dragon Saga community the happiest of Christmas!

We want you to spend time with your family as we will be with ours, and when you have time we would love to have you join us playing Dragon Saga this weekend. We have turned on +50% EXP that will last until Monday at midnight. Relax this weekend, enjoy the time with family and friends and what time you have to play we want it to be exciting and fun and hope your weekend keeps you full of smiles.

In addition to the EXP Event, we are discouting the price on the 40% EXP Potion to 60 Points. If you have picked up all your presents and out of spending money this weekend you can head to the Surveys & Offers tab on the Power-Up page and pretty quickly earn enough points to get a few of the 40% EXP Potions at the discounted point value.

Merry Christmas!
From all of us to all of you 

This is MichyLee signing out.

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