Friday, December 17, 2010

Paris Strikes Back Update


* Maximum level increased from 65 to 70
* Wedding NPC and Quests added
* Battle Square map levels adjusted
* MyHome feature opened
* Recommended Channel Fixed
* Open Market Search Functions Improved
* Christmas Balloon Event Added
* Christmas Style Decorations Added

Bug Fixes

* Solar Earring UI tool-tip issue fixed
* Defense Mode
* Fixed a problem of short-cut button inactivate issue when party members get out.
* Fixed a problem of invisible monsters and the stage completion when party members out.
* Fixed NPC name display bug in the UI when completing quest
* Set item table structures corrected
* Guild member kick abilities adjusted
* Fixed bug of mail not being sent correctly when large number of mail are sent
* Globule Pill item now heals Vella's poisoning Level 1
* Black Tree Root item buff and tool-tip fixed
* PVP lobby bugs fixed

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