Saturday, November 20, 2010


Archers are long-ranged. They use bows and crossbows(later on) as weapons. They are the fastest characters in the Dragon Saga world. Archers have light armor to run faster. They are easy to level up. They can job advance either to Marksman or Hunter.
Hunters have found companions in battle by summoning falcons to aid them in their journeys. Falcons are able to dish out Area-of-Effect damage to their surroundings. In addition to Falcons, Hunters are skilled with the use of traps. Traps are able to hinder an enemy and allow Hunters to find time to plan their attacks.
Marksmen have chosen to pick up the Crossbow instead of the Long Bow, giving them a weight reduction. The Crossbow still provides the range that archers ever so love, however, it allows them carry other arsenals as well. Therefore, they have chosen a variety of weapons to compliment their speed. Marksmen carry modern weapons with them, such as grenades, missile launchers, and machine guns.

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