Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello, everyone!

Hi, my name is MichyLee, nice to meet you! If, you have seen my other Blogs, you should know I am a huge game fan! I play Dragon Saga now, which was called Dragonica Online. I will tell you the story, so listen.
Dragonica was really fun, but boring. There were no events, and soon the game was totally DEAD. There weren't much players, and the GM's weren't doing anything. Everyone got bored, and they all left. The business failed, and so, THQ*ICE had to give up Dragonica Online to Gravity's Warpportal. They have the games Requiem, ROSE Online, and Ragnarok. I have never liked Warpportal, and I don't regret disliking them.
Dragonica's name was changed to Dragon Saga. The old THQ players got transferred to Warpportal. Anyone who used their same email was give back their old accounts. Now it is currently running, with tons of GM's trying to fix problems here and there. We were given a lot of things from Gravity and Barunson in a short amount time, and we were all excited. Still, because it is new, there is much lagging and disconnecting. Many players are pissed about it, but it's okay for me, as long as I can play the game.
This is how Dragon Saga came to be. Dragon Saga is really easy to play. You can date, kill bosses, join parties, make guilds, a lot of things. Things we are greatly hoping for right now is marriage (well, I'M not. For this.), level raise, and MyHome. We are also hoping for weapon upgrades.
I hope I get to meet you in Dragon Saga, all of you! By the way, if you wish, you can follow my Blog, that can help me. Thank you for listening and I hope you come to see my Blog again and play Dragon Saga with me!

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