Thursday, November 18, 2010

Job Descriptions

I will be giving you info on each of the jobs. I will have four separate posts for each job. For now I will gibe you a summary.
There are four jobs in the Dragon Saga world: Warrior, Archer, Thief, and and Magician. You can choose from these four when you first start Dragon Saga. Warriors have swords, Archers have bows, Thieves have claws, and Magicians have staffs.
Warriors are the strongest of all. You should choose this if you like close-combat and swords.
Archers are nimble but weak. If you like speed, choose the Archer.
Thieves are fast and strong. This would be good for new people just starting out.
Magicians are slow and weak. Although they are cute, they aren't that strong in their first job. They will get stronger, though.
I will post more job info later on. Choose your character wisely and train hard!!

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