Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Magicians are the slowest and weakest of the four jobs. They use staffs and wands to attack, and shoots fireballs. One they get to level twenty, they can either be a Monk or Wizard. A Monk used to be a Priest. Also, Wizard was Battlemage. Alas, they changed the names. So, we must get used to it!
Monks have not only studied books, they have discovered that more knowledge can be acquired through their experiences in the battlefield. From their battles, they have been able to develop their supportive magical abilities. They are able to restore health for themselves and others as well as bringing those others back to life if necessary. Having a monk in a party will greatly benefit any adventure out in the world.
Wizards are magicians that have strengthened their magic from specialized training to produce large damaging spells. Their magic attacks, usually known as Area-of-Effect skills, are able to encompass a large area. This enables them to provide damage support over a wide radius.
This is all about Magicians, so read it!

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