Saturday, November 20, 2010


Thieves are closed-ranged and use claws. Yes, they are speedy while being strong. They can use many unique skills to kill their enemy. One of the first things they can learn as a skill is a skill that they jump in the air and spin, to attack enemies in the air. They can either be a Bandit or Infiltrator at level 20.
Bandits are thieves that desire the attention that comes with power. By using their cunning ways, acquired as a thief, they are able to manipulate their way closer to their enemies. Bandits, like thieves, still thrive on their close encounters and therefore, use claws as their primary weapon.
Highly dangerous up close, Infiltrators are masters of close combat. They are able to attack in lethal combinations due to their lightning quick speed and dangerous weapons. They are professionals at being stealthy and attempt to use a variety of poisons to kill a massive number of enemies.


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