Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Big Wheel and Mixboard Returns !!

Hastur says:

The Big Wheel and Mixboard will be making their way back to our servers come 2/10/2011 maintenance and there will be one major difference from before all costumes obtained via the Big Wheel and Mixboard will be PERMANENT.
That's right no more timers running out, no more need to pay for extension.
All items purchased through the Big Wheel and Mixboard prior to this update will still have timers and be able to be extended after the 2/10 patch. Expired Item will no longer be accepted into the Mixboard. (we are working with Barunson to figure out a solution for people who currently have expired sets and wish to use them in the mixboard, I'll update sometime during maintenance tomorrow)

Due to items in the Mixboard and Big Wheel becoming permanent and requiring no extension costs, the price of W-Coins will be increasing after 2/10/2011. W-Coins purchased before the patch however will still be valid, so purchase what you can before the patch to ensure you pay the lowest price. 

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