Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Unity February Monthly News

Hi guys, I have good news ! I have made a Fan Page for Unity, right here ! I would love for you viewers to join since we are having an event ! If we can have 50 ~ 100 people starting from February 28 until the end of March, we'll have a party ! I'm not sure about our party yet, but I think it will only for Unity members, sorry to say. 

Also, I have bad news.

Chris, our guild leader, will be gone for a while. Until he comes back, our very own NELSON will be dictating our guild ! Very scary ! Won't you agree ? We just can hope he doesn't have permission to kick any of us out ! QQ

Edit of 17th, Feb: One of Nelson's character has left Unity to join the guild Arrogance ! Here are Chris's quotes:
"I swear... I can't take a break from the game without having the guild crash and burn. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!"

[Will be updated more when I get more news]

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