Saturday, February 5, 2011

Patch Notes v.0.1.25

- Quest and text localization pre-patch update for Spectre's Tower.

Item Mall
-MyHome Bug which made items permanent has been fixed.
Items purchased before this patch will remain permenant.
All future MyHome items will be 30 Day Items with extension availible for a small fee. (Once extension become availible 2/10)

The following Items will now be 30 day items:Christmas Wallpaper

Christmas Tree
Christmas Fireplace
Turquoise Double Glaze Window

Prune Candy Interior Prop
Turquoise Sofa
Turquoise Single Bed
Wooden Desk
Picture Frame of Glorious Moment
Modern Brown Chair
Blue Stripe Antique Sofa
Wooden Dressing Table
Blue Wooden Tea Table
Pink Wooden Tea Table
Wooden Coffee Table with Candlestick
Blue Wooden Desk
Green Wooden Desk
Modern Brown Small Chair
Wooden Closet
Wheeled Colorful Closet
Wheeled Pastel Closet
Wall Bookshelf
Green Woodie Cactus
Pretty Woodie Trunk
Small W.Pink Vase
Red Brick Fireplace
Pororing Picture Frame
Dark Brown Large Mirror
Dark Green Large Mirror
Orange Roman Shade Window
Pink Stripe Roman Shade Window
Modern Brown Mailbox
Swellfish MailBox
Strong White Safe
Swellfish Safe

  • Vault Expansion (30 Days): 80 Points
  • Float Emote - Magician: 40 Points
  • Float Emote - Archer: 40 Points
  • Float Emote - Warrior: 40 Points
  • Float Emote - Theif: 40 Points
  • Float Emote - Puppy: 40 Points
  • Float Emote - Poporing 40 Points
  • Cash Shop Inventory Expansion: 300 Points
  • ALL Reset Scroll: 650 Points
  • Party Warp Card (10): 150 Points

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