Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dragon Saga: Kryos Unleashed !

Let's see what Hastur has to say about this...

Today we are proud to announce our newest update, KRYOS UNLEASHED to be implimented TODAY 2/10/2011! Full patch notes and details on the patch to be posted during maintenane.

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[Kryos Unleashed] Background Story

Rumors of Elga’s and Paris’ reign of terror have spread to the far corners of the world causing widespread panic and chaos. The Dragon Fellowship in search of new allies has turned to Buhr Island, a once lush tropical paradise, now frozen over from a century long Ice Age. Buhr Island residents have survived this endless winter in a barren wasteland for decades, and could prove to be a power ally against the newly revived Elga.

As Dragon Fellowship explores Buhr Island, many of the locals have complained that temperatures have begun dropping over the last few weeks and monsters are becoming more powerful and hostile. Word has also spread that a tower of legend, filled with cursed spirits, has been discover on El Grego.

Class Masters are pushing the Fellowship members to their limits in preparation of this impending cold front. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey to this frozen wasteland and save the people of Buhr Island from this oncoming Ice Age, or will you fall prey to Kryos the Ice Dragon?


· Increase Level cap to 75
· New Skills and Class Balances
· Emporia system update and skill balance.
· Tactical, Defense Mode F7
· First Dragon Boss added, Kryos the Ice Dragon
· New Maps; Buhr Island, new quests from the Snowy Fox Tribe experts in hunting and gathering.
· New Low-Level Mission Maps – Wolves Den and Underground Graveyard
· Level 35 Spectre’s Tower filled with traps, Cursed Spirits, and a great evil waiting at the top.
· Players can learn new professions to hunt and gather, in order to stock up for the cold season ahead.
· Guild Board added, to allow ease of joining a guild
· Guild storage now available for level 2 guilds and above.
· Street Stalls allow players to set up shop in any town.
· Party Match UI allows for faster searching and joining a party.
· New Armors, New costumes, New Pets and more… 

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