Saturday, February 12, 2011

Patch v.0.1.26 & 0.1.27

Patch v.0.1.26& 0.1.27 - Kryos Unleashed

Patch v.0.1.26

- 2010 X-Mas Quests, Monster chest items removed.
- Christmas Ballon Event removed

- Valentine's Day Cookie Factory added.
- Cookie Factory Quest added.
- Valentine's Day Event Items added.
- Valentine Event Egg
- Ms.GingerB, ChocoChop Pets.
- L,O,V,E Balloon quests and balloon buffs.
- New MyHome items obtainable from Event boxes.
- New Hats, Balloons, Masks, and Backpacks.
- Various sweets and snack with EXP buffs.

New World
- Buhr Island is now open.

New Dungeon
- Wolves' Den(Lv.15~) is added.

- Lv.20~30 quests changed.
- Underground Graveyard quests added.
- Spectre's Tower quests added.
- Buhr Island quests added.
- Buhr Island daily quests added.
- Tactic Mode quests added.(Dr. Noel NPC in Libra)

- Underground Graveyard monsters added.
- Wolves' Den monsters added.

- Defense Tactic Mode added.
-Buhr Island defense mode added.
-Puff Tower's prices changed.

- 4th Class Awakening Skills added.
- Awakening Charge
- Skills and effects changed for balancing. (Details of skill changes will be posted on Update section)

- Farrell Dungeon items changed.
- Adjustments on Dr. Farrell's items
- Kundara Dungeon Item added.
- 8 Quest reward weapons, 2 Quest items
- 1 Pet, 16 Accessories
- Boss reward items adjusted
- Underground Graveyard items added
- Lavalon Dungeon Boss reward items added and adjusted
- 40 Accessories
- Spectre's Tower items added
- Buhr Island related items added
- HP Recovery function accessories added
- Added items that gives immunity to freezing effects

Item Mall
- New costumes added to Big Wheel
--Pilot Set
--Black Bear Set
--Lovely Penguin Set
--High Elf Magic Set
--Skeleton Set
--Winter Set
--Skier Set
--Winter Relief Set
--Luxurious Winter Set
--Professional Skier Set
--Villain Set
--Blue Pretty Girl Set
--Business Suit Set
--Yellow Pop Look Set
--Green Pretty Girl Set
--Red Dance Casual Set
--Pick-Up Set
--Blue Pick-Up Set
--Apple Green Casual Set
-New costumes added to Mixboard
--Snow King
--Snow Queen
--Legendary Magician
--Pirate Captain
--Snow Bear
--Dandy Penguin
--Pirate Worker
--Woodie Leg
--Surprise Bear Set
--Winter Fashion Set
- Item Mall costumes changed to permanent items
- Price of W-Coin adjusted
- Consumable items changed - No longer tradeable
- Christmas items removed
- New items opened for sale
--Husky Pet Egg (7 Days) 500pts.
--Phelix Pet Egg (7 Days) 500pts.
--Gryphon Pet Egg (7 Days) 600pts.
--Valentine's Day Pet Egg (7 Days) 500pts.
--Pet Option Changer (1) 150pts.
--Pet Option Changer (5) 600pts.
--Pet Option Changer (10) 1000pts.
--Pet Name Changer 300pts.
--Regular Megaphones (20) 100pts.
--Reinforced Megaphones (10) 100pts.
--Perfect Hunch 25pts.
--Perfect Hunch (10) 200pts.
--MyHome Expansion (240x240) 550pts.
--Love Note (20) 100pts.
--Lover's Package: 200pts.
---Love Note (15)
---Love Love Warps (15)

-Item of the Week Sale:

No change
Cash Shop Inventory Expansion: 300 Points
ALL Reset Scroll: 650 Points
Party Warp Card (10): 150 Points

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