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Specialist/Destroyer Guide


Taburu Obu Contentus
-- 1. Introduction
-- 2. Recommended Skills
-- 3. Equipment / Stats
------ 3a. Sets
------ 3b. Soulcraft Options
-- 4. PvP Strategies
------ 4a. General Tactics
------ 4b. 1v1
------ 4c. Group

1. Introduction
Crossbow branch of the archer class. Utilizes modern weaponry as well as dazzling crystal bolts. In my opinion, I've always seen Grenadiers as a support class,(When has a grenadier ever carried your team!?).
- - -
2. Recommended Skills

Recommended Skills
Lowered Vulcan 300 to level 1.
Reasoning: The level starts out incredibly strong, but the scaling is very small compared to its original attack. Still, you have the points to max it if that's what you prefer.
Potential Skills?
1.In the future H.E. grenades throws more grenades and has a lesser cooldown at higher levels, this may make the skill worthwhile when that patch does come.
2. Caused Bomber may work well with N2, but as I don't have the skill myself I can't really test how dramatic its effects are when combined with N2. Throwable skill, minor flinch I believe. Again, I do not have this skill, yet.
3. Self Bomber, from what I've seen long animation time that leaves you vulnerable after damage. Do not have skill yet, but I have my doubts on this one.
4. Nuclear Strike, I do not have this skill.
5. Particle Cannon, Long casting animation, but again I do not have the skill myself.

Why the -_- don't you have any of those skills? By Sheol
I'll confess and say I'm not using my own skill build, because I made my current build while leveling and to this day have not used a skill reset. My current build is obviously outdated, but right now, I don't feel the need to change. Anyway, although I may have wasted some points elsewhere, I still saved a lot. When I threw all my extra one hundred something points into N2, I ran out. The skill is worth it by the way, ignore the flashy, long animation skills and go for something that works instantly, a passive skill.

Allocate the rest of the points how ever you desire.

Why some skills are left out.

[Will put in Spoiler later]

3. Equipments / Stats Subject to change with the patch
(Old) Bone Grenadier: MP 500 MSPD 25% AIM 15% CR 80%
(New) Light Set (Level 54/61/67): AGI 33/33/44 MSPD 30/33/37 CD 60/80/100 AIM 16?/18%/20%
(New) Dark Set (Level 61/67): AGI 40/42 Evade 15/17 MPR 68%/74% AIM 12.1/15.6%
CP Set (Level 57/70): AGI 35/45 ASPD 27%/31% DODGE 27%/35% CD 129%/218%

There are two main builds Grenadiers can go, either Health or Evade.

Health Substat Aim, Critical Damage, Movement Speed
*All stat points from leveling should go into Health.

1. Full Health/Defense + Aim
7/7 (old) bone or 6/6 (new) bone.
Currently, (old) bone grants the most defense.
(new) bone grants +42 Health.

2. Aim, CD, MSPD
6/6 (new) light

3. Movement Speed
3/3 (new) light
4/3 (old) bone/(new) light

4. CD, AGI, Evade
- - -

= = =

Evade Substat Agi, Aim (Waiting for patch to finish this section)
*All stat points from leveling should go into AGI.

1. Evade+/Agi
3/3 (new) dark
- - -

2. Evade/Agi+
3/2/1 Dark/Dark/Lalooms
- - -

3. Evade/Movement Speed
3/3 (new) light/ (new) dark
Gives up some evade for movement speed.
- - -

4. Evade/Critical Damage
6 CP Set
- - -

= = =

OP STRENGTH Substat Item Defense (SECRET BUILD!!!)
*All stat points should go into STR
1. 5/1 (old)Dark/Rocker

- - -

3b. Soulcraft Options
Priority is listed by stars.

Health Build
Set: *Health>**Agility>***Evade
-Boots: *Movement Speed>**Health>***AGI>****Evade
Flag: *Aim>**Critical Damage>***Health>***AGI>>****Evade
Jewelry: *Aim>**Health>**Critical Damage>**AGI
Weapon: *Aim>*Critical Damage>**Health>**AGI
Pet: *Health>**Aim

Evade Build
Set: *Agi>**Evade>***Health
-Boots: *Movement Speed>**Agi>***Evade>****Health
Flag: *Aim>**Evade>***AGI
Jewelry: *Evade>**AIM>***AGI
Weapon: *Aim>*Agi>**Critical Damage>**Health
Pet: *Agi>**Evade>**Aim

4. PVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The main reason for this guide, PvP! This will cover situations in 1v1 as well as group PvP.

Pre-4a. Z, X, C
By default [Z] would be the AAS key. Holding Z in a 1v1 is generally frowned upon, but if that is what floats your boat go ahead and tape the button down.

To keep a person in the air, only two well timed AAS shots are necessary. Three for extra safety, and anything over would be overkill. Now I'm not saying limit every launch to two or three AAS shots. What you want to do is use the first match to gauge the strength of your opponents equipment.

If the enemy kills you in about 3 combos, you'll want to try to match that using more or less AAS shots in addition to your combo.

By default, [X] would be the regular shot. Coupled with high attack speed (Adrenaline, Hookah hat, Guild skill, Couple Skill, Equip Bonuses, Character Cards, etc.), this underused attack could result in high DPS. To effectively shoot X-shots, you'll want to cancel the animation either by moving or jumping. The former being more efficient.

You can also cancel X-shots in the air to float. However, I often find myself getting -_-ted upon descending.

By default, [C] would be the jump button. I find that people jump too much for no reason. You do not need to jump to catch or avoid. Jumping is helpful, but what I'm trying to say is, if your opponent is jumping, how is doing the same thing going to help you catch him or her? Sure you can intercept them, but its hell of a lot easier to just walk to where they'll land and shoot them.

I can't fully explain how to jump properly. This comes with practice. After PvPing a bit, you'll know when you should jump and when its better to just run around.

4a. General Tactics

1. Rising Arrow Catching:
This is the main launch and catching skill for the Grenadier class. It is used over RPG-7 due to its speed and cooldown. Abuse the archer's innate ability of having more movement speed and maneuver around your enemy to attempt a launch.

2. RPG-7:
This skill hits on contact, as opposed to the Falcon/Wolves. Shooting it head-on can work, but most of the time you'll need to use this skill preemptively in order to catch them while on the move. Using this before they finish their rolls or other delayed movements can launch them before they are able to counter.

3. Gatling:
This isn't a skill you can run around and try to catch people with, if they're on the move, most likely they'll take one or two hits and continue jumping. To catch a person with Gatling, you'll need to predict their movements and shoot them as they land.

New gatling will have an increased vertical range making it a lot easier to hit people with. However, you still want to get as close to them as possible so that you can combo a launch into it.

4. Moonwalk:
This skill requires high movement speed for it to be useful. Use it to dodge attacks and to quickly combo after.

5. Camo Hop
Pre-Paris. -waiting for patch-
There is a short delay before you become visible again after performing an action. Use this to play mind games on your opponent and catch them off guard.

6. Shootdown:
Shootdown is a very useful skill for catching and continuing combos.
If you hit a jumping opponent, this skill could effectively launch them to an appropriate height. If they are not high enough, quickly use an RPG-7 to hit them while they near the ground.

7. Ground Combo:
Grenadiers also have many ground based attack: X, Tank, Vulcan 300, Gatling, Caused Bomber, Flashbang.

If you can catch a person with flashbang, you do not need to immediately launch, use the time to add filler damage such as x spam. Be creative!

8. Tank Usage
In 1v1, drop tanks to escape to delayed launches/knockdowns.
In Group, drop tanks where your teammates are ground locking others to add DPS or to save them from ground combos.

9. Atropine
A skill to remove debuffs from your character.

4b. 1v1

Vs. Archers general
*The following sections are under the assumption there is a limit to AAS, if not, be the first to launch and hold Z, also very exciting.

If launches are traded, quickly recover and use shootdown and follow with RPG-7 or run and rebuff.

Vs. Pathfinders
PFs have a more effective and larger arsenal of launches, this makes going against them head-on very difficult. If you are able to dodge Falcons/Wolf, then being aggressive can turn it in your favor.

Try to use your Rising Arrows while the PF launches are on Cooldown, if you trade a Wolf Rush and a Rising Arrow, the PF will be able to recover first and continue launching. OR, because of this game's animation canceling, most likely if both launches are traded, the PF will remain on the ground while you are launched. [SUBTLE QQ]

It's good to know the range of traps, this will allow you to maneuver around their territory without problem.

Vs. Grenadiers
Same skills, outplay your opponent.

Vs. Warriors general

Be aware of Sword Dance's animation, attempt launches during the cooldown period (2 seconds?) or predict their movements and launch with an RPG-7.

Vs. Knights
Most Knights use level 1 impervious (10 second duration), if you see them cast this, kite with X spam and avoid any Sword Dances until the duration is up.

Homing missile won't be as reliable if they have parry up and may let them fall from your AAS quicker.

Vs. Mages general
As an Archer, you'll have the movement speed advantage. They also lack reliable catching skills.

Vs. Warmages
If you launch while there's a Fire Symbol in your face, tap Z and move around it so you can keep them in the air while avoiding damage. Don't overextend yourself, continue combos when it is safe, and not while there is a blizzard impaling the top of your head.

Vs. Shamans
You cannot launch a Shaman while they are using X spam, jump behind them and try to stun them, or attempt launches when they stop shooting.

Vs. Thieves general

With high movement speed, jumping over or running away from rocket punch is possible. Try to jump over the punch to hit them while they are vulnerable in the casting animation.

Try to predict their unburrows so that you may launch or combo them as soon as they appear.

Vs Harlequins
Rocket Punch and Final Decision are easily avoidable, provoke can be effective but it's % of success is lower. Evade the attacks but stay close, counter while they are vulnerable casting skills.

Vs Ninjas
- - -

4c. Group PvP
In group PvP, you have to work with the skills of your teammates. Know where each class excels.

Ground Based: Warmage, Shaman, Harlequin, Ninja, Paladin
Air: Pathfinder
Both: Myrmidon, Grenadiers

I'm not saying that they're limited to those areas, but most DPS will come from those categories.

1. With Warmages
Know the cycle of Warmage skills, in the gaps where opponents may escape, use a gatling gun or flashbang to keep the opponent in place while the warmage's cooldowns refresh.

Shoot X's inbetween

2. With Myrmidons/Paladins/Harlequins
Same as above. AAS when they launch.

3. With Pathfinders/Grenadiers
If AASing the same target, try to stay spread apart so that if one of you gets interrupted, the AAS continues.

4. With Shamans
Unleash everything you have while the opponents are frozen by flasher, launch or let the shaman cast frog when it is finished. 

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